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Independent and Private Schools in the UK

If one compares the UK’s public school system with some of our privately operated schools, several sometimes significant advantages of private schools become evident.

Among the things that speak for a private school can be the smaller number of pupils per teacher. It should be obvious that in classes that consist of only 15 or 20 students, teachers have better ways to help individual students as compared to public schools where classes easily can exceed 35 pupils. Not surprisingly, it has been shown that students are able to improve their grades in private schools, sometimes dramatically.

private-schools-ukThe quality of education in the UK’s private schools is undeniably better, not just because of smaller classes but due to many more factors that would favour our private schools over the public school system.

When you are examining a variety of schools, you can easily make the test for yourself.

Compare what state schools offer to the classes that you can often find in our private school system. Don’t just look at standard classes but make particular note when it comes to things such as sports or music too. By and large, private schools will not just have a larger variety of classes and activities, they are more often also having a higher priority. This can be a criterion for families where their children have special interests, whether in sports or other areas.

When you choose a school for your children, don’t just look at the costs alone. In many cases, the fees for a good private school can easily be offset by dramatic advantages for your children’s education and late career path. In some cases, the better career chances together with higher earnings later may easily dwarf the costs for a private school! At independent school in Hertfordshire you can read more about why privately operated schools are often the better alternative!

What To Look For When You Need An Accountant

At some point, even the best and most effective accounting software may not be enough. There may come the time where you need to consider hiring a professional accountant for your business.

Do you know what to look for when you intend to hire an accountant?

Will an accountant as addition to your staff even be sufficient or would you maybe require a person for additional consulting and decision making?

See the article at that gives you invaluable advice when you face such a decision. It contains helpful tips for all those business owners where simply using accounting software will not be enough anymore.

What Is Electronic Invoicing?

Electronic invoicing helps to significantly speed up the entire invoicing process. E Invoices can be sent and received instantly which means there won’t be any lengthy delays such as when you send paper invoices with traditional mail.

e-invoiceSince an e-invoice can immediately be received and automatically processed it will  dramatically cut down on the time it usually takes to get paid.

But the speed of electronic invoices is not the only benefit they provide.

As the name suggests, electronic invoices are stored digitally. This means that there is no requirement to transfer invoicing data to your computer system by hand. This makes the organisation and management of your invoices a lot easier and it eliminates the chance for errors greatly.

Electronic invoicing is compatible with your current invoicing process with the only difference that you will not have to print out invoices but rather email them to a third party electronic invoice provider. This means there are no additional costs if you want to switch to electronic invoicing neither will you will require any special type of equipment for it.

While the benefits of electronic invoicing may be most obvious for those businesses that process a big volume of invoices it can provide advantages for virtually any type of business regardless of size. Some say that electronic invoicing today is as revolutionary when it comes to the invoicing process as is using email for your business communication.

You should consider electronic invoicing if you’re looking for an affordable way to make things in your business more efficient. Chances are it will have a dramatic, positive impact on your business!

Companies In UK Planning to Hire At Fastest Rate In 16 Years

Good news for job seekers in the United Kingdom. The BDO just released a new study that reveals that hiring in the UK is greatly accelerating. The new numbers show that hiring plans by UK firms today are at their fastest rate in 16 years.

The new study shows that one reason for the increased hiring is more demand especially in the services industry.

Yet, not all is rosy on Britain’s job market. While hiring is picking up, some industry experts voice concern about a lack of skilled labour in the nation.

Peter Hemington of BDO in a public statement: “This could bring the stellar growth we’re enjoying in the wider economy to a grinding halt if the trend becomes entrenched. The Government must ensure its protectionist tendencies are put on hold until productivity returns to pre-crisis levels.”

Tips For Effective Hiring

With the warmer months along with an improved economy as compared to what we had during the recent months, chances are that many businesses in the nation may be thinking about hiring new employees.

While this is without question a good thing, it can nevertheless mean that some companies make big mistakes in their hiring process.

How can you improve your hiring process? How do you know you get the right people for your company and don’t make decisions you may regret later on?

For all those who are thinking about hiring any time soon, over at is an interesting article that can give you many tips and tricks to help you.

With those expert hiring tips your company can avoid many of the commonly made hiring mistakes,